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This year we will be focusing on narratives.

Our narrative books are fun to write.  You could be participating with a class from our local area, but you may even have the chance to be working with students from another country, like Hong Kong or France. Once deciding on a book, your class may write the beginning, where you develop the characters and setting or the problem, the solution or the ending.  The fifth class will complete the illustrations. You will receive further instructions once you receive a log in and password for our Member’s Area. We target our fiction books to follow themes of Character Education, such as respect and courage.

Please see the schedule below.  

Class One (Setting and Characters Developed)- FEBRUARY 4-8, 2019

Class Two (Problem Created)- FEBRUARY 11-15, 2019

Class Three (Solution Created)- FEBRUARY 18-22, 2019

Class Four (Ending)- FEBRUARY 25-MARCH 1, 2019

Class Five (Illustrations)- MARCH 18-22, 2019

Book Layout and Editing- MARCH & APRIL

Orders Delivered- MAY


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By registering your class, you agree and acknowledge that you are in turn responsible for the commitment of purchasing ten books ($200).   If you can’t commit to that, we totally understand but in order for the program to be financially stable, we are now requiring this commitment from all teachers involved.

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