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I want to participate, how do I get started?


First and foremost you need to click on our Get Involved Link.  Here you will see a list of fiction and non-fiction books that are being offered for that particular print.

Pick a book and submit your name, school name and book choice in the box that is displayed at the bottom of that page.  After submitting your information, you will be contacted by a Write To Give Representative who will guide you through the remaining process.

Do you print books all year?


We print the books once the Write to Give program is completed. This usually happens in late April. You can also purchase books anytime on Amazon. 

Can more teachers from my school participate?


YES!  The more teachers we have on board, the better.   In fact, the best choice is encouraging four other teachers to take part, and then you could complete your own narrative for your school.

What is the Member's Area of Write To Give?


The Member’s Area of Write to give, is a password protected area for Write To Give Teachers that allows participants to come to one common area to find everything they need.  In this protected area you will see:

  • Lesson Plans on Africa
  • Suggested Resources (Book and YouTube Videos) about Africa and Village Impact Projects
  • Newsletters Home
  • Order Forms
  • Release Form
  • Parent Reminder
  • Detailed Instructions
  • A Teacher Forum To Share Ideas and much more..

Each participating teacher gets their own password and username to access the area.

How much from each book sale goes to the charity Village Impact?


Roughly $10 from each book sold goes towards Village Impact Educational Programs in Africa.  The more books that are sold, the greater the impact we can have!

Is there a certain number of books I need to sell?


Yes, we do ask that a minimum of ten be sold per class.  This should not be a problem. On average we see class sales anywhere from 16 – 20 copies per class as most kids purchase at least one book (if not more).

Why is there a minimum number of books we need to sell?


We have a minimum that you must sell to help pay for the printing costs associated with the program (these are REAL books and it’s they are not cheap to prepare or print).  While Write To Give is run on a volunteer basis, we still have printing costs that are associated with the program.  If we don’t sell any books, Write To Give is left with the bill.  This can dramatically impact the proceeds given to the charity (not what we’re aiming for!).

I only have 5 students in my class - is that enough?


Unfortunately no.  We ask for a minimum of 16 students to participate to make the program worthwhile for our cause.

How long has Village Impact been around?


Village Impact (the charity partner of Write To Give), has been around since 2006, but gained charitable status in 2009.

What is Village Impact's charitable number


The number is: 81817 7552 RC000

What does Village Impact actually do?


Village Impact helps bring education to those students in rural areas of Developing Nationals.  This is done through the implementation of sustainable feeding programs, building schools and supporting children.

Can my students order more books after they have been delivered?


Yes.  We have now begun to list all the books on www.Amazon.com 

So you’ll be able to find it and purchase it there.

What happens if I notice one of my student's name is spelt wrong?


Write To Give does not reprint any books for misspelled names.  The names are taken directly from the Member’s Area.   It is the responsibility of each teacher to make sure they have thoroughly checked each of the names of the students listed in the book.

I would only like to submit the first name of my students - is that ok?


You can submit your class names however you wish.  It is solely up to each teacher’s discretion.

What is the step-by-step process for writing a narrative?


If you choose to take part of a narrative as a school (you’ll need five teachers to do a full book), this is how it works.

**Please note that instructions are also found in the Members Area***

  1.  Each teacher (or one can do it for all) heads to www.WriteToGive.com to sign up.  Just enter your name and school under the Get Involved Link and state what Character Education Theme you would like to take part in.
  2. Each teacher will then be assigned a section of the story.  This may be the task of creating the setting, and characters or the problem or the solution or the ending.  The fifth teacher would complete the illustrations.  Each class has one week to complete their part.
  3. Each teacher is then assigned a username and password for the Member’s Area.
  4. Each teacher must print off the Release Forms and Newsletter addressed to guardians, this is found in the Resource Section of the Member’s Area.
  5. Once you have established the teacher roles, the teacher who is starting the story may begin (it is best to use the time line in the Calander section of Write To Give).  They may choose to create whatever setting their class desires, under the sea, in a castle etc.  This is a shared writing activity and the word limit for your class would be 150 words.
  6. Once complete, the teacher then checks it with the class, reviewing the spelling etc.  Then heads to the Submission Area of Write To Give and where they enter the text as well as the student’s names and school.
  7. The next teacher then logs into the Member’s Area to view the story, they print it off and then take it to their class to complete their portion.  This continues until the story is complete.
  8. Once complete, the illustration teacher then divides each part of the story into two sections (8 pages in total) and prints off the Illustration Template that is found in the Member’s Area.
  9. The teacher who is in charge of the illustration section of the book, may choose to assign a small group of students to each page, or run the activity as an illustration contest.  This is up to the teachers discretion.
  10. The illustrations are scanned and emailed to Carey@VillageImpact.com.
  11. Each teacher then prints off the order forms and sends it home with the students.  Each book costs $20.  Order Forms are found in the Member’s Area.
  12. All teachers gather the money (ENSURING ALL CHECKS ARE WRITTEN OUT TO VILLAGE IMPACT or WRITE TO GIVE).  while checks are accepted, we do encourage cash or one school check to make things easier on our accounting end.
  13. Teachers then head to the Member’s Area to input how many books they would like to order.
  14. All teachers then print off the certificates found in the Member’s Area and write their students names accordingly.
  15. Books are delivered and handed out.
  16. Students attend a Write To Give Celebration.  This is based on geographical location.  If not in the area, the day will be offered as a live stream through the internet.

Can I participate in a narrative with just my class?


Yes!  You would follow the same instructions as stated above, the only difference is you would be working with other teachers from around the world 🙂

We will pair you up accordingly so if you can’t get any other teachers from your school on board, don’t worry.

Can my class write a non-fiction book?


Yes!  Writing non-fiction gives you the opportunity to write at your own pace in the classroom.  There is one deadline for the illustration(s) and text.  Each non-fiction is slightly different and all instructions can be found in the Member’s Area.

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