Write to Give Day Sponsorship Information

 May 2012

The Write to Give Day is a day to celebrate student writing and contribution to others. In December 2010 1000+ students from Elementary schools in Southern Ontario will gather with their teachers, parents and other guests to witness the impact they have had overseas.

The students are all part of the Write to Give Campaign ran by Village Impact, a Canadian charity. This past year all students have participated in the writing and creation of fiction or non-fiction books. In this package you can see some of our examples.

The Write to Give Day is 90 minutes of inspiring, motivating and learning activities that will open the children’s eyes to the world on a global scale. They will learn about African culture and witness first hand through video and pictures the great impact they have had overseas, as a key note presentation will be made by Village Impact detailing the delivery of the books, funding provided to their sponsored schools. In addition African drummers and dancers will be present to give a true authentic experience.

About the Audience at the Write to Give Day Event

  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Administration Professionals
  • Government Professionals
  • Elementary School Children
  • Community Helpers

Sponsorship Packages

The Write to Give Day is a powerful opportunity for your company to help create awareness for helping others, while at the same time be a part of a leading campaign that is rapidly growing within Southern Ontario and throughout the world.

Example Write to Give Day Sponsorship Package

  • Recognition at the beginning and end of the event through onscreen presentation
  • Special Promotion Piece to be given to all teachers and adult guests in exit bags
  • Prize Giveaway – unique opportunity for guests to receive the chance to win a prize Includes mention of the Company and prize from the stage the event host (for adults only)
  • Opportunity to introduce your company and a speaker at the event
  • Logo on the Write to Give Site and Village Impact site (www.writetogive.com & www.villageimpact.com)
  • Charitable Receipt for Contribution for the Day

A Little About Village Impact

World Teacher Aid projects strives to bring education to students in developing countries through school development, teacher funding and implementing sustainable feeding programs that help keep the kids healthy and attending school. World Teacher Aid currently works in Africa and Central America.

*For more information on sponsorship opportunities please contact Amy at amy@villageimpact.com and/or www.villageimpact.com*

Thank You To Our Current Sponsors:

Wishlist Products
Snow Valley Ski Resort

Make sure to check out the videos from our latest Write To Give Day this past May. They are on the home page.

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